Wednesday, October 26, 2011

G L Piyadasa Eco Friendly Bird Park, Rajagiriya - කුරුළු උයන

G L Piyadasa Eco Friendly bird park, Kalapaluwawa, Rajagiriya, Colombo, Sri Lanka, betiful places of RajagiriaThis place still remains not familiar among most people but it's attractive very much as same as Dehiwala zoo, Kelaniya water world or any other famous theme parks. Eco Friendly bird park is situated at Rajagiriya. Not much far away from Colombo. Entrance is absolutely free. Many of imported species of birds can seen there. beautifully landscaped gardens and maintained very well. The garden is purposely built for wedding photography. A reception hall, Beauty salon and a gym also situated within the premises. It will be a worth experience if you could visit there. More >>

Monday, October 17, 2011

New Zealand Farm, Ambewela - අඹේවෙල ගොවිපොල

Sri Lanka Nuwara eliya Ambewela dairy farms, New Zealand Farm, Meepilimana, Ambewela farmThere are two dairy farms at Ambewela. One is called New Zealand Farm and the other one is called Ambewela Farm. Both are managed by the same company "Ambewela Farms". New Zealand farm is the only one visitors are allowed. New Zealand farm is located 3-4 kilometers away from Ambewela and Ambewela Farm is  situated near by Meepilimana area. More >>

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Hoton Plain - හෝර්ටන් තැන්න

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Near by Ohiya Railway Station - ඔහිය දුම්රිය ස්ථානයට නුදුරින්
Horton plain, Horton plain access roads, Directions to Horton plain, Horton plain pictures, Ohiya railway station, Haputhale, Boralanda, places to see at nuwara eliya, Bakers falls, St. clair falls, හෝර්ටන් තැන්න, ඔහිය, හපුතලේ, උඩරට දුම් රිය මාර්ගය, බොරලන්ද, බේකර්ස් දිය ඇල්ල, ශාන්ත ක්ලෙයාර් දිය ඇල්ල, හෝර්ටන් තැන්න පිවිසුම් මාර්ගය, ශ්‍රී ලංකාවේ අපූර්ව පිහිටීම්, Worlds end, ලෝකාන්තය More >>

Kothmale Reservoir (කොත්මලේ ජලාශය)

Kothmale reservoir, Beautiful places of Kothmale, Kothmale hanging bridge, Places to visit at Kothmale, AttractiveKothmale reservoir, Beautiful places of Kothmale, Kothmale hanging bridge, Places to visit at Kothmale, Attractive places of Kothmaleකොත්මලේ සෑය, කොත්මලේ ජලාශය, කොත්මලේ එල්ලෙන පාලම More >>