Monday, January 9, 2012

Sembuwaththa Lake

Sembuwaththa lake - Elkaduwa (සෙම්බුවත්ත වැව)
Sembuwaththa lake, Elkaduwa tea estate and plantation, Matale, Places to bath near matale, සෙම්බුවත්ත වැවSembuwaththa Lake is located in the premises of Elkaduwa tea plantation. Elakaduwa is situated about 14 kilometers away from Matale town and 150 - 160 Kilometers from Colombo. If you are coming from Colombo take the right turn at the Elwala junction which meet before 3 - 4 Kilometers from Matale Town. The road will take you directly to Elkaduwa and take left turn towards down the hill at Elkaduwa town. There are few turns from Elkaduwa to Sembuwaththa lake. It's better to ask from villager for correct directions. The road is not in good condition from Elkaduwa to Sembuwaththa. Four wheel vehicle is the Best choose for tackle hard parts of the journey. Anyway It's possible to reach there by any vehicle such as Car, Van, Tuk Tuk or Motorbike, If you are driving very carefully.